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Arooh Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality at your Hand

Rich augmented reality experiences that work on every mobile device without dedicated mobile app

ARooh is built for different
Business Fields


Let your products speak by themselves, from videos to 3D, add holograms or virtually touchable menus. Therefore, bring your products to life with our wocommerce plugins.

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Food and Beverage

Create AR experience to your customers using one of our products in F&B Fields. From Interactive Menu to Entertainment Games, educate consumers about the nutritional value, give out the recipe for the dish in innovative and engaging ways.


Modernized Augmented Reality education increases the motivation of students, eases the transition to real-life maintenance and shortens the total length of learning using rich AR content.


Augmented Reality applications have largely been used as a way to extend the effectiveness of videos, shows,3D content and games to succeed in a larger audience with AR Apps.


ARooh can transform print ad campaigns into truly engaging campaigns with interactive AR technologies. Adding rich and engaging content, brands and agencies can breathe new life into printed ads and paper publications.


Marketers are always seeking out better tactics to engage their target audience and boost brand awareness, and ARooh can help achieve both objectives. Bring 3D content into real world.

Our Clients

Market leaders use ARooh to nrich their brand & business.

Enppi AR
Nissan AR
Klash Restaurant AR