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ARooh Shop Teapot


  • Price : 300EGP
  • Description : Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Integer dictum hendrerit odio, eget mattis augue convallis quis.
  • Brand : O-Projects
  • Manufacturer : Egypt

ARooh Shop Plugin

ARooh Shop Plugin let your products speak by themselves, from videos to 3D, add holograms or virtually touchable menus. Therefore. We give you a solution using Wordpress and Woocommerce

ARooh Wordpress ARooh Woocommerce

No need for a graphics designer you can scan and upload your products with your mobile phone. Will cover more platfrom soon.


Easy Scaning

3D scanning with a smartphone is a great alternative to high-priced scanning equipment. With a little bit of clean up, you can recreate some of your favorite physical objects. You have the flexibility to scan your products with your smart phone Android or IOS

Upload your Model

No extra tools needed you can upload your FBX, OBJ file and we automatically convert it for you.

Augmented Reality Plugin for woocommerce

Easy Customization

No Need for an new Ecommerce platfrom. With our plugin you can add our feature to your plugin. Wi give you flexibility to customize the experience

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