ARooh Egypt - Use Cases
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ARooh could be work as

Imagine being able to view and interact with 3D objects in your environment in real time, without leaving your mobile browser. ARooh Web is here, and we’re pretty excited about it. What does this mean exactly? Well, if you’re a brand, you can publish your own custom AR experience to your website. You can update it in real time and most importantly, anyone can view it, regardless of the mobile device or operating system they’re using. Your customers won’t even have to download an app.

Arooh application platform operates on iOS and Android smartphones, tablets and wearable devices to create incredible Augmented Reality experiences straight out of the box. MobileAR is a creative and highly effective education and entertainment tool that adds an extra layer of information – content such as 3D characters, image, video, text, sound and more – to everyday objects and environments.

From standalone AR photo booth for any space or event to cinematic AR experience on any screen. So ARooh creates unparalleled levels of entertainment in a fully gamified AR environment perfect for education and entertainment. 3D Characters can either be ready-made, such as SEAN the alien, or subject to custom content development with a wide range of options.